The Story Told – Great Teams and Great Businesses

The beautiful thing about failing is it gives you the ability to stand up and do it better the next time.

Greg Bauer is the company’s Entrepreneur. Though he can work to the bottom of the deepest problems of any of the businesses, he is most successful building great teams and great businesses and prides himself on processes that ensure the accountability and execution of the team. He operates best as the innovator that doesn’t stop until every effort has been given to make a company succeed, yet he is perfectly okay letting an idea or a start up go if certain indicators make it clear to do so.

Bauer holds four core beliefs. Hire a great team that is passionate about the customer and business they are in, productive conflict is better than harmony, 360 degree decision making drives better results, and create a defensible business model.

Greg and his business partners (Tom Mollerus, and John Bauer) successfully started Rack N Road in 1991, A retail chain of stores that cover the Western U.S., Park A Bike started in 1992 and reinvented itself in 2010. Greg created a different ownership group with Park A Bike. Playing off the strengths of his new team, (Mike Feuz, Chris Luyet, and Donn VanDusen) it has paid off and is currently one of the Sacramento Business Journal’s fastest growing companies. Park A Bike specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative bike parking solutions. ¬†BVG, manufacturer of vehicle outfitting racks in 1998, Bauer360 New Media was born in 2008 and the Two spokes Foundation in 2013. They still own all businesses but BVG was sold to Thule car racks in 2004. Bauer has also started a diversification plan that involves selling certain stores under licensing agreements within their retail chain, Rack N Road.

Operating in the ebbs and flows of any market conditions has become one of their strengths. “I believe that we have learned more invaluable lessons from the things we have done wrong than what we have done right.” Greg Bauer has said time and time again. “The team is not afraid to make the tough decisions and benchmarks are made to be beaten. Once every rock has been turned, go to the bank of rocks on the other side of the river and do it again.”

The latest move, Bauer is opening a non-profit foundation and hopes to give a percentage of profits to great causes.

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