We help businesses adapt.
To do that, we continually help them reinvent themselves.


Data Analytics

Having access to tracking reports, Google analytics, and key performance indicators enables us to look forward and create strategy. Data allows us to make calculated decisions and devote our resources to the right areas. There is nothing more costly than being efficient at something we shouldn’t be doing.

Performance Management

HR goes beyond hiring and payroll services. We follow best practices to drive performance management. Our clear goals and objectives drive position guides which drive evaluations. These evaluations create an environemnt that promotes top performance in each team member.

Traction Through Transparency

Traction is driven by our belief rooted in The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. We practice Productive Conflict Over Harmony: all voices are heard and we welcome challenge at all levels of our business. Without productive, and sometimes conflicting, conversations, companies tend to make bad decisions. We believe in transparency.


First and foremost, we offer Vision and Strategy. We also offer HR, IT, Finance, Brand Development and Digital solutions to the companies we own. We leverage our experts to manage these activities which allows us to offset our costs and spread them across multiple businesses.


“Sometimes the most profitable thing you can do is to NOT make that sale..”

“Efficiency can only be measured with what “should” be done, not what is being done..”

“A start up is a series of experiments.”

Ground Control Systems

Ground Control Systems was one of the businesses we sold in 2022. We continue to maintain a board seat and provide assistance with strategies for long-term sustainable growth.

First and foremost, Ground Control Systems is a bike and board parking solutions company. They are still based out of Sacramento, California. They serve over 100 college campuses, as well as most of the largest general contractors in the western U.S., Texas, and Florida.

A distinct approach was adopted with Ground Control Systems. They persist in educating their clients about the importance of user experience, combined with the cost benefits of increased bike density. In other words, If the land costs outweigh rack costs, it comes down to how many bikes per square foot.

Innovators. Advocates. Ground Control Systems: The Bike and Board Parking Solution Experts.


Rack N Road

In 1991 Greg Bauer — with his family — launched Sports Rack, which later was re-named Rack N Road. The founders came up with the business idea after finding few options for transporting their skis, bikes, golf clubs and other gear to the mountains.
Seven stores operate under the Rack N Road brand across the Western U.S. Some 80 percent of the business is selling, renting and installing Thule and Yakima car racks and hitches.

In an internal sale to its management team, the Sacramento-based company sold off all but their flagship store in Saçramento in December 2015. Greg Bauer felt this was a great way to keep the pulse on the brand that he built and still loves today.


Bauer360 management group has owned and operated businesses for over 26 years. Its core management group serves as an extension to the businesses it owns. Bauer360 provides strategic and tactical support, accounting, marketing, human resources, IT and operations expertise to all business units. Bauer 360 manages over 80 employees. We are always looking for passionate hard working people.

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